Cornish Tipi Holidays

our tipis & bell tents

We have 20 authentic style North American tipis made of cotton canvas on a framework of locally sourced wooden lodge poles, bound with twine and hessian rope. These majestic structures reach up to more than 18 feet high, giving you a generous living area. Compared to an ordinary tent, a tipi interior gives you an amazing sense of space and light. Every time you duck in or out of your tipi door you are aware of the sensation of moving through a different world – at times it’s a nomad’s tent, at others a ship on the high seas with the creak and slap of mast and sail – you decide…

Our Tipis

Each tipi is fitted with an external hat or interior lining to keep out the rain - although in extreme conditions (constant driving rain, severe winds etc) we cannot guarantee that any canvas structure will be completely weatherproof. Drips, leaks, muddy doorways etc are an intrinsic part of camping in a typical British summer - it's why the Cornish countryside is so beautifully green! Please bear this in mind before booking with us - especially if you think a hotel or B&B might suit you better. Fairweather camping cannot be guaranteed.

We've also got 2 spacious bell tents on lovely Private Sites.

All the tipis & bell tents are equipped with the basics you might need for your visit - custom-made groundsheets, warm Turkish rugs and candle lanterns.

You’ll get your own camp stove and cool box. We also provide kitchen essentials from teaspoons to teapot – with a full inventory sent to you on completion of your booking. And of course you’ll be welcome to use our pots and pans on your outside fire. See the what to bring part of the Practicalities section for a list of the extras you might need.

Our tipis come in three sizes, medium, large and extra large.

The medium tipi will sleep 2 adults comfortably or two adults and up to two young children but if you are bringing a travel cot we would advise booking a large tipi.

The large tipi will sleep 4-5 adults comfortably and 4-6 if at least one is a child but to comply with Health & Safety requirements we cannot allow any more than 6, including babies.

We have one extra large tipi on a Private Site that sleeps 6-9.

Tipis are situated in either in the Village Field with 11 tipis, or on Private Sites situated singly or doubly in private clearings. Double private sites comprise one large and one medium tipi or two large tipis. Private sites have their own ‘garden’ bordered by trees and hedges. Although private the sites are sometimes quite close to other tipis and you will usually see the tops of other tipis nearby, smell their woodsmoke or hear the murmur of voices.